Introducing Improved Line of Flags, Staffs & Brackets

We are excited to announce the availability of our new line of flags, staff, and vehicle-specific mounting brackets.

While vehicle-specific flagstaff mounting kits have been available for over a decade, the new quality brackets we have developed are easy to install and remove when not in use, a huge improvement over the clamp style kits that were not secure and could cause scuffing to vehicles.

This new mounting style allows for removing the entire bracket, as well as the staff, when not in use. Drivers will no longer worry about the bracket clearance when parking, going through the car wash or having an unattractive bracket sticking out, snagging on anything or anyone passing by.

Using the same quality-stainless brackets from our previous standard mounts, this new style includes a mounting plate base that is bolted to the vehicle. The base includes 2 pegs, that the removable bracket will slide onto, before being secured by retaining clips that are attached to the mounting plate. 

Both our standard permanent mount and removable bracket mount kits are compatible with our brand-new high-quality 12” flagstaff that is easy to remove from the bracket by simply twisting to unscrew from the mounting receiver.  The polished stainless-steel staff features a flag securing thumbscrew that holds flags with an eyelet in place. No more flag clips to pop off and get lost!

All that is then needed is our durable double-sided flags available in an assortment of styles and colors. Featuring the highest quality in double-stitching, heavy-binding, and a securing eyelet.  Our new line of flags is built to last, no more fraying and tattering!

Continuous improvement is part of change and the key to success. Our name, Infinite Innovations, implies exactly what we strive for, the power of innovation is infinite.

Do You Know Where to Find Replacement Coach Glass?

If you have ever had to replace glass in your hearse or limousine, you likely learned quickly how difficult specialty automotive glass can be to find. The factory dealership probably educated you that they do not carry the specialty glass found in these coaches, leaving you scratching your head and wondering where to turn next.  That is because these vehicles are special made by conversion coach builders.  Being that there are different conversion builders, there is no “standard” replacement part for a vehicle that has been modified into a specialty custom vehicle. Each builder also produces various models with their own specific touch. This may seem a bit overwhelming when you are trying to source the correct replacement and get your vehicle back in commission again.

This is where we can help.  Infinite Innovations has been the leading supplier of specialty windshields, side glass and automotive trim for the limousine, funeral car and specialty vehicle industry since 1987. We are the ONLY facility for a large percentage of these specialty parts in the world.

Infinite works in conjunction, authorized by Ford and GM as a Central stocking warehouse for each entity. This means Infinite is set up with a special direct purchasing authorization for parts to supply the OEM convertors who build these chassis. This allows Infinite to ship our customers the same parts that car was built with at competitive prices.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to replace glass in your coach, save time and money and reach out to us.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help get you back on the road!

Cadillac XT5 and The Future of Livery Vehicles

The year 2020 has seen a lot of uncertainty, including the future of the livery vehicle conversion chassis. In 2019 Cadillac discontinued production of the XTS, the choice luxury sedan platform for specialty vehicle builders. It’s rival, the Lincoln MKT, has also discontinued in 2019, leaving us all wondering where to go from here?

While Lincoln remains in the air, GM has moved forward with the 2021 model of its mid-size crossover SUV, the Cadillac XT5, to the certified Cadillac Master Coachbuilders “CMC”. This year Cadillac gave the XT5 a refresh with subtle style changes, new technology, and revised livery trim options.  Cadillac had previously offered a livery package for the XTS and CT6, which have both been discontinued.

As we speak, there are 2020 XT5 hearses and six-door limousines being proto-typed for development from the CMC convertors. Photos of a prototype with a significant longer wheel-base than the standard XT5 was spotted during testing back in September of this year, setting the internet into a buzz.

With the retirement of the XTS, the niche but very necessary funeral industry also has a need to be filled. By the end of the year we will begin to see the first XT5 hearses and these limousines hit the streets, which brings a lot of excitement to the industry.

Here at Infinite Innovations, we have been working hard with GM to develop the parts program to make this platform change possible.

Infinite has worked with both General Motors and Ford for over 3 decades to help engineer tooling and production to supply coachbuilders with the necessary interior and exterior parts to build specialty vehicles. Infinite has been there to make the process smooth for the builders during the development of many previous luxury conversion platforms including Lincoln Town Car & MKT models as well as Cadillac DeVille, DTS & XTS models, among others. Infinite also serves as a central stocking warehouse of these special OEM products as well as the parts that need to be longer to satisfy the needs of the additional stretched lengths of the coachbuilders. This allows operators to easily order replacement parts as well as accessories.

A lot goes into stretching and converting a vehicle into a hearse or limousine. The extended chassis requires factory style doors with OEM hinges, door handles, locking mechanisms, and interior trim to match the vehicle. Moldings for the stretch must be tooled to match the vehicle’s existing trim.  Infinite Innovations has yet again served as the liaison between GM and the builders, making sure these needs are met to manufacture the new XT5 model conversion vehicles. We are excited as we move into this new platform and what the future holds for the livery industry.

Vehicle Partitions and the Role They Play Today

Vehicle partitions are not a new concept, but they now serve a new purpose. Vehicle partitions are on the rise in popularity as a hired transportation safety feature as we all are trying to move forward in the wake of the pandemic. We have all found ourselves adjusting our daily lives and how we do things. How we work, how we travel, and how we celebrate have all changed and now we look to see how we can do all these things a little more safely.  Partitions are a great way to offer this additional precaution.

Vehicle partitions have always been an essential piece of the luxury transportation experience.  But previously their purpose was to provide a privacy barrier to the chauffeured client. The partition has given the means to supply the businessman with a quiet workspace, the grieving family space to mourn, the perfect environment to celebrate proms, weddings, and parties in style.  Now we find ourselves looking at the vehicle partition a little differently.

Infinite Innovations knows partitions. As a supplier of parts to the transportation industry, we started building custom partition assemblies back in the 1990s.  Our partition assembly is made of a lightweight, strong, aluminum-welded construction that is powered by a gear-style regulator with a high-torque motor for heavy lifting. The regulator is an exact reproduction of the Ford Bronco regulator that is strong enough to lift a heavy flat-screen monitor. We offer divider options in different widths along with the option of using glass or solid divider as well as dual configurations that include both in one partition. These partition assemblies have endless options and can be altered to be whatever the end-user imagines.  One of our partitions was even used in a James Bond film for lifting a bullet shield. They are not limited to just vehicles; they can also serve as a windowed partition for anything, such as another we made special that was installed inside a helicopter for privacy for passengers on tours.

We have now also developed a new style of vehicle partition, we refer to as the “Sneeze-Guard”! This product is a light-weight and simple to install for a more temporary option. The clear shield provides a barrier between the driver and passenger that easily straps to the headrest of the vehicle front seats. This serves two purposes, one for additional privacy and the second as an additional clear barrier to help with the spreading of COVID as we all are in this day and time. Our Sneeze Guard is made of 3/16” polycarbonate plastic, that’s 250 times stronger than glass, it’s both durable and almost indestructible unlike the Acrylic and Plexiglas options that shear easily and put your clients at more of a risk of injury. Infinite also prides itself on the fit of our version. We make them vehicle specific for a more accurate fit, unlike the one-size-fits-all universal options as others offer, that leaves wide exposed gaps around the outside. Our Sneeze Guard also is manufactured with a bend in the plastic to offer additional strength for a more custom fit as well as offers the plus of giving the product the ability to hold its form for cleaning and less movement traveling down the road. The Infinite Sneeze-Guard offers an exclusive optional headrest-mounted tissue & business cardholder(s) that can be added for additional passenger convenience and give your service a more polished and professional look. Something as simple as this style of shield can give your passengers a sense of safety and limit exposure between drivers and clients. This is a great option for luxury black car transport or rideshare!

Here at Infinite Innovations we will continue to research and develop products to make your transportation service a success.

Brighten Your Travels! – Everything you need to customize your RV lighting

It’s summertime and everyone is ready to escape the confines of their homes to travel and enjoy the great outdoors.  RV sales are increasing as people look to find a way to social distance but still fulfill their desire to vacation and travel.  Traveling in a recreational vehicle or travel camper offers a solution to families who want to take a trip and keep social contact to a minimum.

If you are a proud recreational vehicle or camper owner, we have some great 12V lighting accessories for added convenience as well as options to customize your ride with a little extra color and flair.

LED Accent and Courtesy Lighting

We carry a full line of LED lighting with many options for adding accent lights to set a mood or courtesy lighting that brightens steps and compartments. We have both indirect and directional lighting options that are sealed in a waterproof body for interior or exterior use.  Our round puck lights are used in many luxury vehicles and provide a great lighting atmosphere in crisp or warm white LEDs.

Reading Lights

Reading map lights create a comfortable reading atmosphere without a glare on the driver.  Featuring a flexible arm with a permanent mount, these lights provide your passengers excellent illumination and flexibility.

Colorful Strip Lighting

Thin and flexible ribbon lighting is all the rage for creating a decorative atmosphere that is perfect for colorful accent and backlighting.  LED Ribbon light is flexible and extremely slim tape strip style and offers an adhesive backing for simple installation. We carry rolls of this PCB strip light in lots of options including white, RGB and RGBW, as well as controllers for driving the RGB/RGBW style and giving the end user the option of creating lighting shows. The latest and greatest option is the 4-in-1 RGBW Water Resistant style which looks amazing in our new frosted mounting track.

Lighted Thermoelectric Cupholders

With the push of a button, your cupholder will become an iceless drink chiller with an attractive blue LED light. Accommodates a variety of drink sizes up to 3-1/2” diameter, perfect for average cans and bottles.  If you like the idea of just a simple lighted cupholder, we have those too!

Lighted Grab Handle

A lit grab handle is an attractive way to add an additional safety feature for your entrance. This bright white LED illuminated fiber optic pull handle gives more nighttime visibility when entering and exiting and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Coach Lights

Coach lights are also a great way to add some additional visibility to your vehicle exterior. These LED side marker lights put off a crisp glow that is great for accent lighting. We offer adapter mounting gaskets to help the curved light fit on surfaces with little to no contour, fitment templates available.

Our list of accessories doesn’t stop at lighting. Check back with us as we continue to innovate new 12V products and vehicle accessories. The power of innovation is Infinite!

Beat the Heat! An Overview of How an Automotive A/C System Works

Vehicle climate control is important, especially if you drive a service vehicle that provides transport to customers. Keeping chauffeured passengers comfortable in all weather conditions is a necessity. Many specialty vehicles, like limousines and buses, require additional A/C systems to keep the larger cabins at a comfortable cool temperature.

Have you ever wondered how a vehicle air conditioning system works? Here is an overview that will explain how.

The beginning of the cycle starts with the compressor.  The compressor is the “heart” of the car’s air conditioning system. It is a pump driven by the engine’s drive belt that takes refrigerant and pressurizing it and passing it along, then returned back to the compressor. To start this cycle the compressor’s clutch is engaged when you switch on the AC.

The condenser releases heat from the A/C system’s refrigerant passing through it from the compressor. The refrigerant enters the condenser form the compressor as a high-pressure vapor, but as it flows through the condenser and cools and turns back into a cooler high-pressure liquid.

 For vehicles that have an additional A/C unit installed, an extra condenser and electric fan is necessary. The more air flow across the condenser makes a colder temperature out of the AC vents.

The receiver drier is used for an A/C system that have an expansion valve. Accumulators are inline after the evaporator within an A/C system that utilizes an orifice tube. Most receiver drier contain a filter that traps debris that may be inside the A/C system. Receiver driers contain a material called desiccant that is used to absorb moisture that may have gotten inside the A/C system during manufacture, assembly or service. Moisture can also get into the A/C components from humidity in the air.

The AC high pressure switch is a safety switch installed into the high side line of the air conditioning system. When the pressure rises too high the switch will turn off the compressor to prevent damage from occurring. Also available are low pressure, binary, and trinary switches for automotive AC applications. A binary switch protects the system when there is too much pressure or too low pressure. A trinary switch does the same a binary plus a switch with an additional fan engagement signal.

The expansion valve removes the pressure and heat from the refrigerant, changing it from a hot liquid to a cold vapor into the evaporator. Expansion valves also control the flow determined by the temperature of the evaporator by a sensing bulb that is clipped onto the low side outlet line. This signal tells the valve to increase or decrease the amount of flow through the evaporator. Without this, sensing to much refrigerant could pass through the evaporator coils causing the coil to freeze and block the airflow.

As the refrigerant goes through the expansion valve it turns into a low-pressure gas and rapidly cools the evaporator coil inside the AC unit case. The fan mounted on the evaporator case the inlets of the fan pull the warm air out of the vehicle, blows through the evaporator’s coils and cools the air coming out of your AC vents.

Replacement air conditioning parts and more are available on our online store.  If you have a question, give our team of experts a call at 1-800-362-6224.

Funeral Business Advisor Spot Light: Infinite Innovations

Who is Infinite Innovations, Inc and what product and services do you provide?
Infinite Innovations supplies the Coachbuilders who manufacture limousines and funeral cars with specialty parts duplicating factory design but making them longer. Infinite was founded in 1987 by Bud Thomas. From humble beginnings in a barn with a dirt floor; the company grew into a 10,000 sq. ft facility by 1991 when Cadillac came to Infinite asking for help to facilitate not just the specialty parts, but all the parts required for the launch of the Fleetwood for the Coachbuilders. Since then Infinite supplies the Coachbuilders with a big percentage of the parts for GM and Ford. Today Infinite is in a 54,500 sq. ft facility supplying coachbuilders who manufacture limousines and funeral cars with specialty parts. Infinite supplies every Coachbuilder in the industry with products, from rubber seals to side glass to all types of moldings and trim. In our attempt to help the industry, we expanded to more products requested of us. Deciding to also offer these product lines direct to the end-user. We manufacture our own line of products such as AC units, casket rollers, bier pins, flagstaffs and mounts, a broad line of lights and custom umbrellas and more. We help the Funeral homes take care of their customers.

What Makes Infinite unique?
Infinite is the only central stocking warehouse for GM and Ford for parts to the builders of hearses, limousines and Sprinter vans. This means Infinite is set up with a special direct purchasing, which helps our customers receive the parts they need at competitive prices. Our direct partnership with GM and Ford sets us apart from our competitors. We can deliver and warehouse the specialty parts not available at a dealership or anywhere else at competitive prices and have been doing it since 1987. The manufacturers who build these vehicles trust us, which speaks volumes on the quality of parts we sell.

What are some notable projects that Infinite has worked on?
We worked with Lincoln to develop and now supply the stamped doors for the special 80th anniversary model of the Lincoln Continental extended Coach. Also currently working with Cadillac on the new XT5.

What are the benefits to funeral homes and cemeteries using Infinite?
Time and money. Customers often call us not knowing what it is they need. With our team of expert’s combined experience of over 200 years in this industry, we know exactly what questions to ask our customers to find out exactly what they need. Saving the customer time and money. We are the manufacturer of a big percentage of the parts allowing the Funeral homes to save by buying direct!

We listen to our customers and develop products that they can’t find.
Infinite had represented a couple of different lines of A/C and heat units for the past 20 years to the Coachbuilders. Due to unreliable supply lines, Infinite decided to take the best of each unit offered to the industry and combine them, developing our own product line of units. We now supply most of the cars being manufactured. Most recently customers requested a quick-release flagstaff, and without hesitation, Infinite developed it.

How does your company provide a solution for funeral homes?
Our job at Infinite is to help funeral homes keep their hearses and limos looking brand new. We understand that wear and tear can happen with repeated use. The manufacturers that built your vehicle bought a lot of these parts from us. They trust us because we work directly with GM and Ford. We are not just a parts company. We employ experts in the vehicle manufacturing industry, ensuring that our clients receive the customer service and parts they deserve. Infinite understands that funeral homes need to focus on their families and buying car parts takes them away from that. Our team can help you replace parts while saving you time and money.

Now Carrying Manex/MX Systems Parts

Here at Infinite Innovations, we were saddened to hear of the closing of MX Systems, previously known as Manex. To see a company that ran as long as Manex close their doors is never an easy thing. Our history and relationship with Manex and its employees go back many years. Infinite’s owner and president Bud Thomas had known and done business with Manex founders, Ernie and Ben, since the late-1980s. Bud & Ben had shared many a laugh at the industry trade shows, including the LCT shows, over the years. Infinite and Manex shared success and a great business relationship with each other for decades.
We were very saddened by the passing of Ben a few years ago. Following Ben’s passing, Manex then became a spinoff called MX systems.
Eventually, our directions changed, due to industry changes. Then with Infinite’s acquisition of Modern Technologies Group (MTG), That acquisition came with a complete manufacturing line of A/C units as Manex manufactured. Infinite began to dissect the best qualities of MTG’s heat and air systems as well as the Manex products that Infinite had repped and carried for so long.  With having the MTG product line on units as well as 20 years of repping the Manex unit we were able to dissect both the strengths and weaknesses of these systems, Infinite was able to produce the Maxair line, bringing the best of both companies systems together in one production line.
We wish everyone associated with Manex/MX Systems the best. We also want the industry to not fret and be assured that we have your replacement MX and Manex parts covered. Our complete line of Maxair products is compatible with any heat or A/C replacement needs you may have.

Where Do Limousine Parts Come From?

You need a replacement part for your limousine. Where do you find it? Most people will assume that the dealership is the place to go, but that is not the case. Limousines are custom built by coachbuilders, who cut a car in half and stretch it. Where do the parts come from to do this? Where do you find a replacement part for your stretch? You are at the right place.

Infinite is the place you go to find your replacement parts. We supply the builders with the parts when the car is made. Chances are, our parts are on your limo.

Infinite found its start back in the 1980s when owner Bud Thomas saw a need in supplying coachbuilders with parts that were not easily made, and with no supplier already existing. His experience working for builder Executive Coach gave him the hands-on experience of stretching a car and the challenges involved. Infinite Innovations formed to fill this need, bringing multiple staff members on over the years with experience in stretching cars. Taking their knowledge, our team was able to become the parts supplier catering to coachbuilders with items ranging from construction parts to electronic systems and lighting, that polish the style of a vehicle interior. Through this, we formed direct relationships not only with the coachbuilders but with Ford and GM through the QVM and CMC certified HD chassis builder programs, allowing us to become a certified supplier and a central stocking warehouse for factory parts that can be sent “just in time” fashion to any buyer.

For over 30 years we have supplied the builders with structural parts such as pillar posts, impact bars and sheet metal skins that aided in the direct construction of the cut cars and ensured a structurally safe vehicle that met QVM and CMC program requirements. We carry the components used to complete the new addition to the vehicle; weatherstrip, door harness, interior and exterior door hardware and trim, latches, hinges, handles and more.

We engineered tooling to match factory moldings, creating OEM style reveal, belt, and body moldings for the stretched portion of many popular limousine-built cars and SUVs. We are the exclusive source for these unique parts. Parts supplier competitor, MTG (Modern Technologies Group) was also a customer, purchasing our moldings for resale. In 2014, Infinite purchased all the assets of MTG out of New Jersey, uniting the inventory and best of manufacturing processes of both companies back to Missouri under the roof of Infinite’s brand new 54,500 sq. ft. facility.

Our customer service does not stop at coachbuilders. We have supplied replacement parts along with many other accessories and amenities to repair shops, dealerships, small custom vehicle builders and livery operators. Our staff is not the typical “order takers” but a group of individuals with experience, who know the parts and are sincere in helping you find what you need.

In an industry that is always looking to provide the end-user with the utmost comfort and luxury, we have expanded our product lines over time, keeping in mind that a person may be chauffeured for various reasons. Our product lines are not limited to limousines and are beneficial to anyone in the ground transportation industry. We strive to provide amenities for every circumstance. Our lighting options are used to enhance moods, partition dividers for creating a quiet and private workspace, automotive HVAC for temperature comfort, down to the elegant barware and stylish professional chauffeur uniform caps; we cover every aspect to give your vehicle and service the WOW appeal that makes you stand out.

We offer a wide range of products, but always with a high level of quality and expertise.  The products may change some over time, but our devotion to offering a unique shopping experience remains, where you can purchase items as diverse as a door molding or a special event red carpet, from your convenient one-stop shopping source.

Anatomy of a Coach Light – A Brief History

What is a coach light? Coach lights, also known as opera lamps, are the slender rows of lights commonly seen attached to vehicle pillars. They are widely used on the center section of stretched limousines. Though they are not limited to just limos, they have certainly been made popular by them.

Opera lights came as a factory feature on the luxury limousine cars dating back to the 1970’s. In 1979, when Cadillac stopped making limousines, the stretched limousine became popular. By 1990, opera lights were no longer found on factory Cadillac and Lincoln cars.  That is when the aftermarket coach light was born.

Most of the original coach light styles consisted of a base that screws onto the pillar. The light base contains bulbs within light harnesses, wired into the vehicle power.  They are powered by the park lamps/headlight switch. A chrome bezel housing with a snap in lens is then screwed to the light base to make it complete.

As technology changed, so did the coach light. The use of the LED brought on the Infinite 250 coach light, the first of its kind. Instead of using incandescent bulbs, it utilized 3 white LEDs on its circuit base, creating a crisper white color. The LEDs were a popular choice, as being longer lasting than bulbs and drawing less amperage.

The Infinite coach light evolved further when it began to utilize an LED illuminating a fiber optic acrylic rod, for a more evenly diffused light with no “hotspots”. The acrylic rods also featured unique light guide styles, such as spirals or bubbles, making them stand out vibrantly.  The model 400 series became one of the most popular coach lights because of this.  Using a similar base and with the same mounting pattern or “footprint” as many older styles, it also featured a chrome bezel housing holding a sealed LED/fiber rod unit making it an easy option for replacing older style lights.

The latest and greatest option is the Infinite 900 Series, which is a larger and brighter version of the 400 series. This series features the same benefits of the selection of fiber optic light guide patterns, optional adapter gaskets, and same footprint as most lights. It stands apart with more of the light guide exposed, giving off light from more angles. The biggest benefit of the 900 series is the LE light engine. An encased LED unit that has the highest standard in reliability. The 902 version light offers dual light engines, at the top and bottom, for maximum brightness. Engines can be added or replaced to any of the 900 series lights at any time.

Infinite carries a selection all of these coach lights and more, for any and all vehicles. If you are looking to upgrade or restore, we can help. Give us a call today!

New Beginnings

Welcome to our new website!  We are launching our new site during a year of many new beginnings for Infinite.  We hope that you find our new site full of helpful information, better navigation and an easy ordering process. This is a great opportunity to help us grow and engage with our customers more. Featuring installation videos, online chat assistance, this informational blog about our products and industry news, and more to come.

In 2018 we also built and relocated to our new facility in Strafford, Missouri. Our 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse and new office space allow us to streamline and work more efficiently to provide our customers with the best service possible.  It allows us the opportunity to expand our product line, bringing you the latest and greatest in product development.

Infinite began supplying specialty parts to the limousine and funeral vehicle industry over 30 years ago.  Our relationships with Ford and GM have allowed us to become a centralized warehouse for factory parts. We have also tooled and manufactured many of our own high-quality products, such as our series of coach lights, A/C units, casket rollers and bier pins.

We strive to offer a convenient shopping source for all the parts and accessories our customers may want or need.  We realize that specialty vehicle parts have no limitations on what we can offer. Moving into the future there will be many more exciting new items added to our already vast array of product lines to accommodate ANY specialty vehicle.

Our products can add a unique edge with colorful lighting options for any kind of vehicle, as large as a party bus or small as a golf cart. Our line of HVAC units and components can improve the climate quality of any vehicle needing additional heat or AC. Our electrical system can be used in any passenger vehicle, using touch screen technology to control entertainment, climate, privacy and more. Infinite has a wide range of parts to help create an environment that is luxurious, comfortable, unique and classy for any kind of specialty vehicle. Commuter vans, party buses, pontoon boats, golf carts, tractor trailers…if you can drive it, we have something to make it better.

We still provide the same quality products and dedicated customer service as always, now with new beginnings taking things to the next level, the power of innovation is Infinite!

Infinite Innovations
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