Funeral Business Advisor Spot Light: Infinite Innovations

Who is Infinite Innovations, Inc and what product and services do you provide?
Infinite Innovations supplies the Coachbuilders who manufacture limousines and funeral cars with specialty parts duplicating factory design but making them longer. Infinite was founded in 1987 by Bud Thomas. From humble beginnings in a barn with a dirt floor; the company grew into a 10,000 sq. ft facility by 1991 when Cadillac came to Infinite asking for help to facilitate not just the specialty parts, but all the parts required for the launch of the Fleetwood for the Coachbuilders. Since then Infinite supplies the Coachbuilders with a big percentage of the parts for GM and Ford. Today Infinite is in a 54,500 sq. ft facility supplying coachbuilders who manufacture limousines and funeral cars with specialty parts. Infinite supplies every Coachbuilder in the industry with products, from rubber seals to side glass to all types of moldings and trim. In our attempt to help the industry, we expanded to more products requested of us. Deciding to also offer these product lines direct to the end-user. We manufacture our own line of products such as AC units, casket rollers, bier pins, flagstaffs and mounts, a broad line of lights and custom umbrellas and more. We help the Funeral homes take care of their customers.

What Makes Infinite unique?
Infinite is the only central stocking warehouse for GM and Ford for parts to the builders of hearses, limousines and Sprinter vans. This means Infinite is set up with a special direct purchasing, which helps our customers receive the parts they need at competitive prices. Our direct partnership with GM and Ford sets us apart from our competitors. We can deliver and warehouse the specialty parts not available at a dealership or anywhere else at competitive prices and have been doing it since 1987. The manufacturers who build these vehicles trust us, which speaks volumes on the quality of parts we sell.

What are some notable projects that Infinite has worked on?
We worked with Lincoln to develop and now supply the stamped doors for the special 80th anniversary model of the Lincoln Continental extended Coach. Also currently working with Cadillac on the new XT5.

What are the benefits to funeral homes and cemeteries using Infinite?
Time and money. Customers often call us not knowing what it is they need. With our team of expert’s combined experience of over 200 years in this industry, we know exactly what questions to ask our customers to find out exactly what they need. Saving the customer time and money. We are the manufacturer of a big percentage of the parts allowing the Funeral homes to save by buying direct!

We listen to our customers and develop products that they can’t find.
Infinite had represented a couple of different lines of A/C and heat units for the past 20 years to the Coachbuilders. Due to unreliable supply lines, Infinite decided to take the best of each unit offered to the industry and combine them, developing our own product line of units. We now supply most of the cars being manufactured. Most recently customers requested a quick-release flagstaff, and without hesitation, Infinite developed it.

How does your company provide a solution for funeral homes?
Our job at Infinite is to help funeral homes keep their hearses and limos looking brand new. We understand that wear and tear can happen with repeated use. The manufacturers that built your vehicle bought a lot of these parts from us. They trust us because we work directly with GM and Ford. We are not just a parts company. We employ experts in the vehicle manufacturing industry, ensuring that our clients receive the customer service and parts they deserve. Infinite understands that funeral homes need to focus on their families and buying car parts takes them away from that. Our team can help you replace parts while saving you time and money.

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