Horizon Features

The Horizon system sets the precedent for the future of electrical control systems in the ground transportation industry.  Easy to access and use, these new and improved 7″ display screens allow passengers or drivers to control the vehicle environment with the touch of a button.  Allowing both drivers and passengers to easily control multiple lighting applications, climate control, entertainment, partition, and intercom access.

Horizon has been engineered to OEM specifications and is manufactured to ISO standards. Designed and manufactured by a Detroit company that develops products for Ford and General Motors, The Horizon has been put through vigorous bench, heat chamber, and in-vehicle testing that includes vibration, humidity, salt spray, EMD, EMC, reverse battery, and intense load testing to ensure the highest quality design and manufacturability. Both the IOM, Input-Output Module or “brain of the system”, as well as the interchanging touch screens, have custom injection-molded enclosures to ensure the finest fit and finish to our system.

Horizon is currently available to all vehicle builders and comes with an unlimited mile 12-month warranty on parts & labor and is supported through Infinite’s friendly technical support team.  Warranty is only valid if used with the power solenoid included in the system.

With updated graphics and improved performance, the Horizon system is easy to upgrade to from your previous Smart Touch V2.0 system.  The Horizon touch screens can replace your Smart Touch V2.0 screens and operate with your current Smart Touch V2.0 IOM, with a simple upgrade kit. The new screens offer higher brightness and a wider viewing angle. Capacitive touch greatly improves the display quality.

7″ Touch Control Display Screens

High-resolution touch screens utilize Capacitive touch technology for improved performance and ease of use. The new screens offer higher-brightness and a wider viewing angle than previous systems. High-end graphics on these large screens provide a modern and stylish appearance that compliments any vehicle interior. Accessible, versatile and easily custom-programmed to personalize your menu.

Client & Occasion Screen Customization

Display personalized greetings and background images specific to the occasion. Your client’s name, along with their chauffeur’s name, will be displayed on the passenger panel to add that personalized touch. Choose from a variety of backgrounds to further personalize your passenger’s ride.

Audio/Visual Universal Remote Control

All AV functions on stereos and TV’s with IR can be controlled through the screens. An infrared receiver (IR) has been added to the 7″ display, allowing it to work as a universal remote that controls any stereo or TV that comes with IR remote.

Automatic Temperature Control

An external temperature setting has been added to the 7″ display allowing for automatic climate temp control.

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