Introducing Improved Line of Flags, Staffs & Brackets

We are excited to announce the availability of our new line of flags, staff, and vehicle-specific mounting brackets.

While vehicle-specific flagstaff mounting kits have been available for over a decade, the new quality brackets we have developed are easy to install and remove when not in use, a huge improvement over the clamp style kits that were not secure and could cause scuffing to vehicles.

This new mounting style allows for removing the entire bracket, as well as the staff, when not in use. Drivers will no longer worry about the bracket clearance when parking, going through the car wash or having an unattractive bracket sticking out, snagging on anything or anyone passing by.

Using the same quality-stainless brackets from our previous standard mounts, this new style includes a mounting plate base that is bolted to the vehicle. The base includes 2 pegs, that the removable bracket will slide onto, before being secured by retaining clips that are attached to the mounting plate. 

Both our standard permanent mount and removable bracket mount kits are compatible with our brand-new high-quality 12” flagstaff that is easy to remove from the bracket by simply twisting to unscrew from the mounting receiver.  The polished stainless-steel staff features a flag securing thumbscrew that holds flags with an eyelet in place. No more flag clips to pop off and get lost!

All that is then needed is our durable double-sided flags available in an assortment of styles and colors. Featuring the highest quality in double-stitching, heavy-binding, and a securing eyelet.  Our new line of flags is built to last, no more fraying and tattering!

Continuous improvement is part of change and the key to success. Our name, Infinite Innovations, implies exactly what we strive for, the power of innovation is infinite.

Infinite Innovations
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