Now Carrying Manex/MX Systems Parts

Here at Infinite Innovations, we were saddened to hear of the closing of MX Systems, previously known as Manex. To see a company that ran as long as Manex close their doors is never an easy thing. Our history and relationship with Manex and its employees go back many years. Infinite’s owner and president Bud Thomas had known and done business with Manex founders, Ernie and Ben, since the late-1980s. Bud & Ben had shared many a laugh at the industry trade shows, including the LCT shows, over the years. Infinite and Manex shared success and a great business relationship with each other for decades.
We were very saddened by the passing of Ben a few years ago. Following Ben’s passing, Manex then became a spinoff called MX systems.
Eventually, our directions changed, due to industry changes. Then with Infinite’s acquisition of Modern Technologies Group (MTG), That acquisition came with a complete manufacturing line of A/C units as Manex manufactured. Infinite began to dissect the best qualities of MTG’s heat and air systems as well as the Manex products that Infinite had repped and carried for so long.  With having the MTG product line on units as well as 20 years of repping the Manex unit we were able to dissect both the strengths and weaknesses of these systems, Infinite was able to produce the Maxair line, bringing the best of both companies systems together in one production line.
We wish everyone associated with Manex/MX Systems the best. We also want the industry to not fret and be assured that we have your replacement MX and Manex parts covered. Our complete line of Maxair products is compatible with any heat or A/C replacement needs you may have.

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