New Beginnings

Welcome to our new website!  We are launching our new site during a year of many new beginnings for Infinite.  We hope that you find our new site full of helpful information, better navigation and an easy ordering process. This is a great opportunity to help us grow and engage with our customers more. Featuring installation videos, online chat assistance, this informational blog about our products and industry news, and more to come.

In 2018 we also built and relocated to our new facility in Strafford, Missouri. Our 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse and new office space allow us to streamline and work more efficiently to provide our customers with the best service possible.  It allows us the opportunity to expand our product line, bringing you the latest and greatest in product development.

Infinite began supplying specialty parts to the limousine and funeral vehicle industry over 30 years ago.  Our relationships with Ford and GM have allowed us to become a centralized warehouse for factory parts. We have also tooled and manufactured many of our own high-quality products, such as our series of coach lights, A/C units, casket rollers and bier pins.

We strive to offer a convenient shopping source for all the parts and accessories our customers may want or need.  We realize that specialty vehicle parts have no limitations on what we can offer. Moving into the future there will be many more exciting new items added to our already vast array of product lines to accommodate ANY specialty vehicle.

Our products can add a unique edge with colorful lighting options for any kind of vehicle, as large as a party bus or small as a golf cart. Our line of HVAC units and components can improve the climate quality of any vehicle needing additional heat or AC. Our electrical system can be used in any passenger vehicle, using touch screen technology to control entertainment, climate, privacy and more. Infinite has a wide range of parts to help create an environment that is luxurious, comfortable, unique and classy for any kind of specialty vehicle. Commuter vans, party buses, pontoon boats, golf carts, tractor trailers…if you can drive it, we have something to make it better.

We still provide the same quality products and dedicated customer service as always, now with new beginnings taking things to the next level, the power of innovation is Infinite!

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