Specialized Electrical Parts

Look no further than Infinite Innovations’ online store for any specialized electrical parts you may need for your fleet’s luxury vehicles. Here we display and detail a great selection of products, spanning from the incredible Smart Touch electrical system to boomerang antenna, on/off switches, amp relay, dimmers, and so much more. Please have a look in our online store, or request a physical copy of our catalog to find whatever specialized electrical parts you may need.

Smart Touch is an intuitive, reliable, and user friendly electrical system that allows you and your passengers complete control of all components and devices within your luxury vehicle. This includes lighting, sound, air, and more. This electrical system is the most advanced of its kind available to the luxury transportation industry, and Infinite once again shows our leadership in being able to offer it in our online store and catalog.

Here you will find a variety of antennas and associated parts. We stock antenna extension cables to allow you to mount your antenna in the most convenient place on your vehicle. We also have top brands of boomerang antennae available. We stock the classic antenna, which is great for limousines, motor coaches, and boats, and the low-profile antenna, which is suitable for the same applications, but which has a sleeker, more low-key design.

Intercom systems are integral to ensuring that clients can relax and enjoy some privacy behind the glass while remaining in communication with drivers. A wide variety of these systems are available from Infinite to meet the needs of your vehicles and your clientele. We stock two-station intercoms, a hidden intercom system, a hands-free intercom assembly, and more. Check out our full selection of intercoms here, or click one of the products above for specs and information.

Infinite Innovations, Your Source for Specialized Parts

As an authorized dealer of OEM parts for both GM and Ford, we are the exclusive organization in the specialty vehicle industry that serves as a Central Stocking warehouse for the limousine, funeral car, and specialty vehicle manufacturers – and we have available many parts for luxury sedans, boats, and other vehicles as well. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for with Infinite Innovations. However, if your search has been unsuccessful, please contact the Infinite sales team. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you order the specialized parts you need. Email us at sales@infparts.com or give us a call at 800-362-6224.

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