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For many of us, the funeral of a loved one is an extremely important and often difficult ceremony. Finding the right look, creating the right feeling, and giving them a celebration of their life that everyone in attendance will remember is extremely important. The hearse or funeral car that you use will be a major factor in getting these things right.

Infinite carries a full line of body and trim components to meet the exact specifications of hearse model for repair or manufacture. We are the only Ford and GM authorized central stocking warehouse for OEM parts so you know you’ll be getting the best quality you can find.

The Importance of Appearance

Appearance certainly isn’t everything, but presentation at a funeral service is a significant part of what makes the ceremony meaningful and memorable. Finding the right hearse or funeral car is vital to those looking to pay their respects, and the overall appearance of a hearse is further complemented by the right hearse parts and accessories.

At Infinite, we know how important it is to find the perfect accessories for the right vehicles, and funeral cars are no different. Infinite can offer you a wide variety adaptations for hearses and other funeral vehicles to get the perfect look for any ceremony.

Whether you’re looking for Landau bars and buttons for them, customized drapes for hearse windows, replacement emblems, or opera lamps, you’ll find them here. We understand how important it is to strike a balance of luxury, style and subtlety for a funeral car or hearse, and you’ll find the right beautifully made and durable accessories here.

Durability & Reliability

It’s not just important that a funeral car has the right look, but the accessories added to compliment or improve a vehicle need to be durable, too. For funeral cars and hearses, you’ll find a need for additional durability of parts that a regular vehicle won’t have — casket rollers and bier pins, flagstaff kits, decorative Landau bars and more all need to not only look the part, but last multiple uses. You can find the high quality parts and accessories that you need here in our product listings.

Contact Infinite About Your Order

If you’re ready order your funeral car or hearse accessories from Infinite, contact our parts team today. We can help you find the perfect accessories for your vehicle or fleet, and perfect and streamline the look you have in mind. If you’re looking for something different, take a look around the Infinite website for other products, including limo seats, oem parts, limousine repair and more.

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