Vehicle Partitions and the Role They Play Today

Vehicle partitions are not a new concept, but they now serve a new purpose. Vehicle partitions are on the rise in popularity as a hired transportation safety feature as we all are trying to move forward in the wake of the pandemic. We have all found ourselves adjusting our daily lives and how we do things. How we work, how we travel, and how we celebrate have all changed and now we look to see how we can do all these things a little more safely.  Partitions are a great way to offer this additional precaution.

Vehicle partitions have always been an essential piece of the luxury transportation experience.  But previously their purpose was to provide a privacy barrier to the chauffeured client. The partition has given the means to supply the businessman with a quiet workspace, the grieving family space to mourn, the perfect environment to celebrate proms, weddings, and parties in style.  Now we find ourselves looking at the vehicle partition a little differently.

Infinite Innovations knows partitions. As a supplier of parts to the transportation industry, we started building custom partition assemblies back in the 1990s.  Our partition assembly is made of a lightweight, strong, aluminum-welded construction that is powered by a gear-style regulator with a high-torque motor for heavy lifting. The regulator is an exact reproduction of the Ford Bronco regulator that is strong enough to lift a heavy flat-screen monitor. We offer divider options in different widths along with the option of using glass or solid divider as well as dual configurations that include both in one partition. These partition assemblies have endless options and can be altered to be whatever the end-user imagines.  One of our partitions was even used in a James Bond film for lifting a bullet shield. They are not limited to just vehicles; they can also serve as a windowed partition for anything, such as another we made special that was installed inside a helicopter for privacy for passengers on tours.

We have now also developed a new style of vehicle partition, we refer to as the “Sneeze-Guard”! This product is a light-weight and simple to install for a more temporary option. The clear shield provides a barrier between the driver and passenger that easily straps to the headrest of the vehicle front seats. This serves two purposes, one for additional privacy and the second as an additional clear barrier to help with the spreading of COVID as we all are in this day and time. Our Sneeze Guard is made of 3/16” polycarbonate plastic, that’s 250 times stronger than glass, it’s both durable and almost indestructible unlike the Acrylic and Plexiglas options that shear easily and put your clients at more of a risk of injury. Infinite also prides itself on the fit of our version. We make them vehicle specific for a more accurate fit, unlike the one-size-fits-all universal options as others offer, that leaves wide exposed gaps around the outside. Our Sneeze Guard also is manufactured with a bend in the plastic to offer additional strength for a more custom fit as well as offers the plus of giving the product the ability to hold its form for cleaning and less movement traveling down the road. The Infinite Sneeze-Guard offers an exclusive optional headrest-mounted tissue & business cardholder(s) that can be added for additional passenger convenience and give your service a more polished and professional look. Something as simple as this style of shield can give your passengers a sense of safety and limit exposure between drivers and clients. This is a great option for luxury black car transport or rideshare!

Here at Infinite Innovations we will continue to research and develop products to make your transportation service a success.

Infinite Innovations
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